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Опубликовано: 19 дек. 2018 г.

FAQ in sense of dating Ukrainian woman and giving gifts and other signs of attention to her
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Welcome to the channel of matchmaking company PRIME - https://prime-match.com/. In this video we talk about the topic of various gifts and other gestures while dating Ukrainian lady. Ukrainain women and gifts is such a "burning" topic nowadays , at the
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times when all the Internet talks about scams, scamming schemes and so on. And in this video we tell you, what is a must and what is a full nonsense in Ukrainian dating culture, so that you would prepared enough when you meet your Ukrainain beauty.

Should you buy things for Ukrainain woman when you meet her first 1-2 times? When to buy her gifts? Why gifts are so much important for many Ukrainian women?

In fact, yes, Ukrainian culture is a lot about traditional values in relationships and family, BUT at the same time Ukrainan traditions are quite adequate in this sense.
For instance:
- giving her flowers on the first date
- paying for your dinner , on dates
- helping her to take the overclothes off her and to put it on
- helping her with a chair when she seats at the table
- paying for her taxi
- all these signs of attention are considered to be normal and desirable here in Ukraine. If you like a woman, you do it for her from the bottom of your heart and you feel comfortable with it, while Ukrainian lady understands this way that you consider her your future woman, may be.
At the same time, such actions like:
- Buying her expensive smartphone, laptop
- Fur coat (in the summer)))
- Winter coat
- Car
- Apartment
- Bills at restaurants starting from 300 USD + (some men even told about 5000 USD bills)
- Visiting SPA center together for 2 000 - 6 000 USD for one time
- all this is just a nonsense and crazy cases. Get away of such ladies who ask you to do this (or in fact are doing this with you) as soon as it possible. Remember: no one local man would do it for her, if even she is super sexy beautyqueen.

Elena Vygnanyuk, CEO of PRIME matchmaking company, dating expert for men, qualified coach and psychologist is telling about all this in this video. Ukraine dating agency is a good way to find the relationships of your dreams, but only in a case that you are fully ready for serious relationships and you found a reliable good agency. Probably you had stories connected with this topic in your life. Please, share with us and tell us how you got out of them? What helped you to stay deliberate? Share your stories and possible stories of success. It will be very useful for other subscribers too!